This is what your dog’s sleeping position reveals about their mood

Have you ever looked at your furry baby while sleeping and wondered what they must be feeling? Now you can know exactly what their sleeping position means.

A healthy adult dog spends 12 to 14 hours of the day sleeping and puppies or senior dogs require even more. And if you ever witnessed your dog sleeping, you would realise they change their sleeping positions often. Our dogs adapt to different sleeping positions during their nap times and each of them means something different. Lynne Fisher, from dog training insurance provider Cliverton, spoke to The Mirror and decoded five different dog sleep positions. Here’s what they mean:

Side sleeping

According to Fisher, Side sleeping is the most common dog sleeping position and probably one of the best positions too. When a dog is sleeping on its side, it means they’re comfortable and have trust in you. Since this position exposes their stomach to you, this basically is the biggest trust sign from a dog. Additionally, it also is a sign that your dog is in a deep, nice sleep.

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Curled up

The cosiest sleeping position. Curled up sleeping position is a position that makes your doggo feel safe and protected. The position also helps them retain their body warmth and is the biggest sign of feeling protected.

On the belly

While it may look fun, this sleeping position doesn’t guarantee a deep sleep. Dogs usually sleep on their bellies to cool down. Meaning, after a walk or on a hot day, you may see your dog lying on its belly and snoozing. They try to be in contact with cooler surfaces to maintain their temperature. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exhausted and would respond to your call quickly.

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Lion’s pose

Lion’s pose or sphinx is a step ahead of sleeping on the belly. In this position, your dog will still be on its belly but it’ll have its legs tucked closer to them and rest its head on them. The position doesn’t signify that your dog is sound asleep. It is mostly that they are just resting and would stir if they hear you move.

Cuddling up

If your dog cuddles up with you and sleeps, it should be an honour for you. As this position demonstrates the closeness of the bond you share with them. Needless to point out, dogs that love snuggling are the most affectionate personality types and are often protective and possessive about their owners.

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