Thinking of getting a dog? Here are four of the best breeds for new dog owners

You should choose a dog that matches your energy and attention level.

So you think you are ready to become a dog parent? Well, while you may not be new to dogs, owning one comes with responsibilities that you might not be aware of. One of the first things you need to consider once you’ve decided to embark on this exciting journey, is the breed.

Your choice of breed should match your energy and attention levels Getty/ Catherine Delahaye

Why breeds matter?

Dogs have individual personalities and traits, but most have predictable energy levels, grooming needs and size depending on how much attention and energy you are willing to commit. Breed also matters if you’re a family with kids or not. Here are some breeds of dogs that experts suggest you narrow your search down to if you are an inexperienced dog owner.


There’s a reason this is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are excellent with kids and have an obedient disposition if trained well. They’re smart, playful, active and will thrive in a household that offers plenty of exercise time. They don’t have complicated grooming needs; they require regular brushing to reduce shedding.

Labrador Getty/ Ritter75

Golden retriever

This is one of the friendliest and easy-to-please four-legged companion anyone could ask for. They are fantastic with kids and are extremely teachable. These medium-to-large pooches are quite active and require a fair amount of exercise to keep them healthy. In terms of grooming, regular brushing is all they need.


Apart from their furry charm, poodles are renowned for their intelligence. They’re playful and lively and easily adapt to their environment. Poodles come in three fun sizes; toy, miniature and standard. They need lots of exercise to sustain their lively personality and grooming to maintain their curly coat.

Poodle Getty/ Edwin Tan

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

These are sweet, cheerful dogs with a puppy-look that tags at your heartstrings. They tend to thrive in a household with children of all ages. They are attentive, gentle and often quiet, making them good candidates for a lapdog. They’re of average intelligence, but make up for that by being low maintenance. Their coat requires regular brushing.

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