They Called Him In To Save A Puppy But What He Found Left Him Speechless

They Called Him In To Save A Puppy But What He Found Left Him Speechless

This volunteer thinks he’s rescuing a puppy but when reaches behind the trash cans, he found more than just a puppy.

Chris Ouwerkerk is a volunteer rescue driver and field agent for the Michigan Humane Society. One day he responded to a call about a puppy who was thrown and tied to an old couch on the sidewalk. Hiding between two trash cans, the puppy was freezing to death. He called for the shivering puppy, and she immediately came running to him.

After rescuing the poor pet, Chris noticed there was something else. His first thought it was another puppy, but as he reached in, he found something else - a kitten.

The puppy and the kitten were in really bad shape; they were malnourished and weak. The puppy and the kitten were cuddling each other to stay warm. Chris immediately took both the pets to the shelter.

They both were taken care of and vaccinated. Now the puppy Camarin and the kitty Tomas still have a very special bond and continue to cuddle each other to this day.

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