These Are The 5 Most Playful Breeds Of Dogs

Are you dreaming of a playful little dog with whom you can develop a beautiful friendship? Here are 5 breeds that love to have fun!

Having an animal in your home can change your daily life. Indeed, a dog is a real member of the family that requires attention and time. Some families will appreciate having a loving and cuddly companion alongside them, while others will seek a more dynamic and complicit relationship. Here are 5 dog breeds that are ideal for families, and that are waiting to play with you all day long!

1. The Border Collie

The Border Collie is a sheepdog. It loves to play and be stimulated on a daily basis. It is, therefore, an excellent companion when it comes to catching balls for hours. You will notice that it systematically puts itself in the position of a guide, nose to the ground, before catching the thrown object.

2. The Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is a very dynamic little dog with a lot of energy. You can play with it for a long time before it finally gets tired.

3. The Boxer

Behind its appearance as a big watchdog, the Boxer is a loyal, affectionate and extremely playful dog. This is because this breed of dog holds on to its inner puppy. Adorable!

4. Labrador

Not surprisingly, the Labrador is the ideal family dog that takes all its pleasure from playing, walking and getting long belly rubs.

5. The Cocker

Behind its sad face, the Cocker is a little dog that loves to play. It will make an excellent companion.

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