RIP Chase: Britain's Ugliest Dog

Voted the ‘ugliest dog in Great Britain’, Chase, a 16-year-old dog has recently died following a bout with an illness.

Short hair, a tongue that hangs out and bulging eyes. Chase certainly was the most well-known dog in the world because of its ugliness.

This Chinese Crested dog recently died at the age of 16. He became famous after participating in a competition for the ugliest dog in the world in 2017, in which he came third.

Photos of this unusually-looking dog flew around the web. Because of a cataract, one of his eyes looks pastel blue and he didn’t have teeth anymore. He also walked quite strangely and like a crab and his skin was practically non-existent.

Ugly and endearing

Its owner, Storm Shayler, lives in Wales and she was the one to announce that her dog had died after a long pancreas illness. The animal didn’t suffer and slipped away peacefully.

Despite its frankly hideous appearance, the woman always believed that she loved her dog because of its character.

‘He was beautiful on the inside. He had so much personality […] he loved people and people loved him.’

Storm Shayler was also very surprised when her dog got to the finals in the ugliest dog in the world competition.

‘He might not have won first prize, but he was always a winner in my eyes,’ she said. However, she is still moved by the death of her pet.

‘No one will ever replace Chase; he really was one of a kind.’

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