Here Are The Top 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (And How Much They Cost)

Here Are The Top 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (And How Much They Cost)

Some breeds of cat can be incredibly expensive. Find out which below!

Buying a cat can prove to be a real investment! For some breeds, you could end up spending thousands of pounds.

Ashera cats

Ashera cats cost between £20,000 and £100,000 which is as expensive as a luxury holiday home! Well, this is one very luxury pet after all. You might even confuse this cat with a leopard because of its size since they can measure 1.5m and weigh around 15kg. A true feline! This is quite a cuddly animal and needs to be able to let loose quite regularly.

Savannah cats

Just like Ashera cats, Savannahs are rare and very unique. They look like a cat that’s just been taken right out of the Savannah. And for good reason, since that’s where they actually come from. This recent breed evolved from cheetahs and servals. But don’t be afraid, they are perfectly suitable for becoming domesticated pets. You’ll find that this breed is very tender and ideal for families. But if you want one, it will cost you between £2000 and £5000.

Bengal cats

More famous than the previously mentioned breeds, Bengals are known and adored for their lovely spots and golden fur. They are very small, fun and dynamic animals but can also be rather affectionate. If you decide to adopt one, you’ll have to fork out around £1000 to £3000.

Manx cats

Manx cats cost around £1500 each and they can be identified because they don’t have a tail. This breed of cat is strong, round with very short back legs and is very easy to live with, although they can be rather independent.

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Maine coon cats

Needless to say, Maine Coons are well deserved in the top 5 most expensive breeds. If you want one of these beautiful breeds, that can be as big as they can be large (sometimes up to 15kg), you will need to pay a hefty sum of £1000, sometimes even £2000.

So, ready to invest?

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