Great white shark poops on a group of divers (VIDEO)

During an underwater expedition, two groups of cage divers were victims of a shark attack, of its poop!

Not all shark attacks end in blood, and a group of cage divers can attest to that. While in a metal cage, this terrifying great white shark approached these divers, but when it came close to them, it did this completely unexpected thing.

Cage diving, a dream activity for shark lovers

Cage diving is an activity with a self-explanatory name, to say the least. This sport consists of diving in the sea in an iron cage, in order to be able to observe the marine fauna safely. For shark lovers, cage diving is the ultimate activity! There's no better way to approach a shark without risking having a limb ripped off.

If the safety rules are respected, the risk of accidents is almost zero in the event of an encounter. But this metal protection does not always prevent sharks from harming divers in one way or another.

A green cloud

In 2010, two cage groups dived off Guadeloupe. A great white shark then went to meet them, according to DailyMail. But far from being curious or aggressive, the shark simply pooped a green cloud near them.

Hilarious, netizens were obviously quick to comment: 'How to establish dominance in one move' says one. Another, more interested in the reaction of the fish, who headed for the green cloud, explains that these excrements are 'laden with nutrients that fish cannot find elsewhere …'. hope you're not reading this during lunch!

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This diver barely escaped from a chilling shark attack (VIDEO) This diver barely escaped from a chilling shark attack (VIDEO)