Family discovered lost tortoise alive in the attic after 30 years

This family was left shocked when they found their pet turtle who went missing over 30 years ago in their home.

Tortoise for a pet is not the first choice for many, however, they do make pleasant company. Nathalye De Almeida also had the same thought when she had a pet turtle. But she lost her four-legged friend during some repair work happening in her home. What happened after 30 years will amaze you...

Manuela the tortoise

Manuela the tortoise was a mystical creature that Nathalye used to hear about from her family but she didn’t have much memory of the said pet. As per The Mirror, Natahlye’s daughter recently rediscovered her mother’s pet tortoise who went missing 30 years ago in the 1980s.

Nathalye’s family thought that pet was lost during some electrical work that was happening around their house at that time. Ever since the tortoise went missing Nathalye only heard flying tails about her once-beloved pet reptile.

Tortoise found alive after 30 years

However, in 2013, unfortunately, Nathalye’s father passed and her daughter decided to clear some stuff from their attic, as The Dodo reports. As she was clearing the cluttered space she discovered something she never thought was possible. In the corner of a box was her mom’s pet tortoise that went missing more than three decades ago.

Nathalye got extremely emotional and started weeping at the sight of her beloved pet. It might as well be considered a miracle. But how did it survive 30 years without any food and water?

Well, it turns out that the tortoise fed on the termite larvae that were present in the wood in the attic. Another shocking news the family received is that Manuela is actually Manuel! After getting the reptile checked out by a vet, the doctor informed them that the tortoise was actually male. What a day to be alive!

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