Do you think your dog sleeps a lot? Here’s how much sleep your dog needs

Most of us have dogs who nap throughout the day. However, experts have revealed just how much sleep your dog needs.

According to research, dogs require more sleep than people do to have the energy to eat, play, and train. For this reason, it's crucial to have a consistent evening routine and a comfortable spot to sleep. Mirror talks about how much and how should your dog sleep and it’s more than you think.

The duration

Depending on the age, health and lifestyle of your dog, the hours may differ but it’ll still be a lot more than humans. On average, a dog needs to sleep for 12-14 hours a day, but unlike humans, they don’t need it in a stretch. Your dog would usually take naps spread throughout the day and not lay in bed for that long.

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Meanwhile, older dogs or even smaller ones – the puppies, may sleep more than the aforementioned time. Older dogs may get tired easily and resort to sleeping whereas puppies need to sleep to take in all the new information they have learned throughout the day. If you think that your dog sleeps more than that, consult a vet.

The place

Some people have designated sleeping spots for their dogs and some opt to have them in their bed. Either way is fine and a personal choice, but ensure their sleeping place has no disruptions and nothing above them that could potentially fall on them.

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Some dogs may have different corners of the house they claim as their own despite having a cosy bed. That’s entirely alright and normal for dogs to do.

Bedtime routine

It’s a good idea to get your dog used to a bedtime routine. This will help them calm down at night and lower their energy levels before they sleep. Associating bedtime with a snack can calm them down and settle them before bedtime.

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