Camilla Barker-Bones is looking for her own royal family

A young dog with a unique name was abandoned during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. She is now looking for her forever home.

Many dogs are abandoned each week, but this one young pooch got her name due to the time she was abandoned and quite frankly, it is adorable.

Meet Camilla Barker-Bones

Camilla Barker-Bones was abandoned during the weekend of the Queen’s Jubilee, according to Mirror. Not much is known about Camilla’s past but the rescuers believe she had a ‘brutal’ past due to the scars on her body.

Camilla Barker-Bones got her name because she was abandoned during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. The stray kennels that found her gave her the name. The rescue centre Jerry Green Dog Rescue liked the name so much that they kept it.

The rescue centre describes Camilla as such:

She absolutely loves everyone she meets and wants to be best friends with everyone
She is a friendly girl who enjoys running around the secure field on site and watching the squirrels go about their squirrely business.

Please share to help Camilla Barker Bones find a home #NOTTINGHAMSHIRE #UK Aged 3, she has scars from a previous life....

Posted by Animal adoptions UK on Sunday, June 19, 2022

Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Jerry Green Dog Rescue is an animal shelter situated in Nottinghamshire and was founded in 1961. The founder, Jerry Green, opened the centre as he believed too many dogs were being put down for no reason.

The rescue Spaniel logo is actually based on a real dog, the beloved pooch that belonged to the founder.

If by the time you read this and Camilla Barker-Bones has already found her own royal family, don’t worry, the centre has plenty of dogs looking for their forever home. Maybe one of them is your ideal friend? Find out here.

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