5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Feeding Your Cat

Feeding your cat is second nature to all cat owners. But be aware of some common habits to avoid even if you think you’re being kind to them. So, listen up for some useful advice!

Whether you’re an experienced cat person, or perhaps you want to adopt one, it is important to understand animal nutrition to ensure it stays healthy. Everyone can learn from this/

1) Leftovers

Yes, they are your babies, but cats shouldn’t be fed like humans. Therefore, we should avoid giving them our leftovers as they increase the risk of deficiencies or even obesity. In fact, the scraps can lack some essential nutrients for their diet, and they can contain too much fat. Stay clear of leftovers, and stick with the cat food.

2) Cow’s milk

The image of a cat drinking milk is very sweet, but you should avoid giving your cat cow’s milk at all costs. Milk is high in lactose and leads to digestive problems in your pet. If you have a kitten, give it cat’s milk, which is high in fats and protein: ideal to guarantee proper growth.

3) Tinned tuna

Cats love fish, particularly tuna. You can give it to them once a week for them to enjoy, especially as it’s high in protein and low in calories. However, tuna contains heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic, which can be harmful to your cat. So, you can give it to them, but in moderation.

4) Different meals

Rest assured, your cat won’t get bored with its meals, so it’s not necessary to change its diet regularly because the intestinal flora of cats has difficulty adapting to a change in diet. Be sure to give it a complete and balanced diet, and if you have to change then do it slowly, over a period of two weeks.

5) Treats

We love our cats and to give back to them, the treats pile up. Pâté, biscuits, cheese…these little treats must only be given occasionally, so as not to make your cat gain weight. These treats can ruin the balance of their diet, and compromise their health. Opt for cat biscuits, and feel free to ask your vet for more advice!

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