47 cats were found trapped in a car that was parked right under the sun

A homeless man was living with 47 cats in his car at a rest stop. An animal rights organisation intervened to rescue the cats.

It's a story with a happy ending for these cats. In Minnesota, USA, a homeless man was living in his car with 47 felines. While it was extremely hot, the Chicago County Sheriff received an alert and alerted an animal rescue organization to save them.

47 cats found in a car in the sun

On June 15 in Minnesota, the Chicago County Sheriff received several reports that cats were trapped in a car at a rest stop. In the extremely hot weather of that day, he sent a patrol car to the scene and contacted an animal rights organisation.

The Animal Humane Society (AHS) discovered 47 cats, piled on top of each other in the car, parked in the sun. The owner, now homeless, was living with the animals in his car and was suffering from Noah's Syndrome, Woopets reports. People with this condition accumulate more animals than they can house and care for in their homes.

All the cats rescued

As the temperature rose, the association managed to convince the man to let the animals go. All 47 felines were rescued and cared for by a vet. According to the AHS, the furballs ranged in age from less than a year to 12 years.

The association reported to CBS News:

Despite the extreme heat and unsanitary conditions inside the vehicle, most of the cats appear to have only minor medical problems

The animals will be put up for adoption after being further examined by a veterinarian and a behaviourist. In the past, the man had already entrusted 14 cats to a charity. They too were living in the car, explains Woopets. We hope that the cats will find a loving home soon.

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