A Woman Hatched an Duckling… Using Her Cleavage

While walking through the park with her family, Betsy, a young Californian mother of three happened upon a sickening scene. A disturbed duck's nest that had been destroyed during an act of cruelty. Among the scattered and crushed eggshells was one cracked but still intact, egg. With the mother nowhere to be seen, Besty took it upon herself to rescue the damaged and abandoned egg.

The family took the egg home and after a bit of reading found out that the egg would need to be incubated. However, a device that would do this was too expensive to justify purchasing for Betsy. She learned that in order to hatch an egg it would need to be kept safe in a warm and humid environment. So she thought of the perfect place to keep it... In her cleavage!

Local wildlife rescue organizations did not take eggs due to lack of resources, but Betsy asked that if she managed to hatch the egg would they take the animal in? They agreed though we're sure they didn't have much hope in her managing to hatch it considering the egg was already damaged and she did not have an incubator.

Nevertheless, Betsy spent the next 35 days walking around with the little egg tucked neatly between her breasts, even sleeping with it there!

In an interview with BoredPanda Betsy stated:

My kids were very upset about it … [they] found a lone egg with a small crack that wasn’t leaking and asked me to save it.

Aside from the off shower and moving the egg in order to rotate it, it stayed in Betsy's cleavage keeping warm thanks to her body temperature.

Eventually, she realized that she would have to create a suitable environment in which the egg could hatch. When day 35 came and the little duckling was starting to show signs of life.

After doing a little more research she found out it would need lots of humidity. So using a lamp, a plastic container, a bowl of water and plenty of tape she managed to make her own!

After a few days of waiting she thought something was wrong as the duckling had yet to break through the barrier. After consulting a vet, she proceeded to peel away parts of the shell to ensure the duckling's beak was out in the open so that it could breathe.

Eventually, the young duck got halfway out of the shell but it was still connected to some remainder of yolk in the bottom of the egg which it hadn't yet fully absorbed. Betsy did was she can, placing a damp paper towel around the remainder of the shell and regularly disinfecting the connective tissue.

Eventually, the remainder of the yolk was absorbed but little duckling was too young and too weak to move. Betsy, refusing to give up hope, helped the youngster to drink water until:

One day, we woke up and he was walking. Later on, I would let him swim in the tub and mud puddles

The duckling was alive and well. Her kids affectionately named him Thawne after a character from the series The Flash. Eventually, the duck outgrew it's home and was moved to a rescue farm not far away, so they'd still be able to visit if they wanted.

Check out the video above to see pics of the young duckling's development!

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