Top Covid-19 symptom makes a comeback

As the virus mutates, the way it presents in people who get infected changes.

Top Covid-19 symptom makes a comeback
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Top Covid-19 symptom makes a comeback

Covid-19 has been around for almost three years now and since then, patients have reported dozens of different symptoms. The most commonly reported have been sore throat, loss of taste and smell and headaches. But like all viruses, the primary symptoms associated with Covid-19 have changed. Now, depending on your vaccination status, these symptoms can vary. A recent research has shown that fever, which was one of the conventional signs of the virus is now the most reported among the infected.

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Fever and Covid-19

The research coming out of India shows that 82% of the 200 Omicron-infected patients studied, experienced a fever. More than a third of participants experienced flu-like symptoms while half said a cough was the dominant symptom.

The findings of the study, published in the Cureus Journal of Medicine Science differs quite significantly from those released by the Zoe Health Study which identified sneezing, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough and a headache. The Indian researchers attribute this to the different variants of Omicron that both studies were focused on.

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Covid-19 status

Office for National Statistics (ONS) released recent data showing that the number of positive cases has resumed ascendency in England for the second week. However, the number of deaths involving Covid-19 in the UK continued to fall from 400 to 372 in the latest week (ending 2 December 2022).

Despite the drop in fatality rate, NHS officials are concerned about the impact of high cases could have on an already strained health system. In an interview with the Financial Times, director of policy and strategy at NHS Providers, Miriam Deakin said:

Increases in flu, norovirus, diarrhoea, and vomiting bugs are taking their toll on hospital capacity, with bed occupancy above levels considered safe.

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