Rise in rickets and scurvy infections: Here are the symptoms to look out for

The cost of living crisis' toll on people's mental and physical health is getting worse.

Return of Victorian diseases cost of living crisis malnutrition scurvy rickets
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Return of Victorian diseases cost of living crisis malnutrition scurvy rickets

In the past couple of weeks, there have been terrifying news of 'zombie deer disease,' mysterious disease X and this 'very contagious eye disease' which could potentially be the next pandemic.

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However, quiet worryingly, another trend has been observed in the UK: that of the return of medical illnesses which were once considered to be relegated to the past.

The Sun reports, experts have highlighted that cases of rickets and scurvy, once considered to belong to the bygone Victorian-era, is very much a cause for concern in the current times.

Victorian-era diseases and their return

Victorian disease is a blanket term, usually used to refer to diseases that befell the population during the Victorian era. Some of these disease are scurvy, scarlet fever, rickets, salmonella, tuberculosis (TB), tick-borne infections, measles, meningitis etc.

As UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), even though we use the term 'returning' for these diseases, they were never fully gone.

One of the primary causes for this resurgence in Victorian diseases is malnutrition Tima Miroshnichenko

It's just that with the developments our society has made in facets like provision of clean water, food, education, access to antibiotics and vaccinations, these disease had been contained, and their spread was thought to be more or less non-existent.

But as per The Sun, a new report suggest that rickets and scurvy are making a comeback in the UK.

Symptoms of rickets and scurvy

One of the primary causes for this resurgence in Victorian diseases, is the inability of people to access good, nutritious foods due to lessening spending power for many. This has led to the rates of malnutrition in the population to burgeon, causing a host of diseases in its wake.

Scurvy happens due to deficiency of Vitamin C. Symptoms include feeling very tired, weak, irritable, sad, suffering from severe joint pain, swollen and bleeding gums, and having skin that bruises easily. It can be deadly if not addressed soon. Scurvy is easy treatable with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Rickets affect bone development in children. It happens as a result of a poor diet, with lack of vitamin D and calcium being its most common cause.

Symptoms include bone pain and dental problems. Along with this, severe rickets can result in weak and soft bones, leading to deformities like bow legs or curved spine.

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