This Mum Only Lost One Kilo But Now She's Unrecognisable

This Mum Only Lost One Kilo But Now She's Unrecognisable

It is often thought that the results of weight loss are mostly visible on the scale. The physical transformation experienced by Adrienne Osun is proof that the weight the scale indicates doesn’t correspond at all to the efforts that were put in or the changes caused on our body.

Adrienne Osun is a fitness blogger who shared photos that show the difference between her body before she started a diet and after. But although she has changed enormously, the blogger actually lost just one (and only one) kilo. Adrienne Osun proved that the scale made no difference between fat and muscles.

Adrienne is now much more athletic and has shown that the efforts she has put in are not measured by the pounds she’s lost but by the progressive and balanced physical transformation. She shared all the steps of her transformation on Instagram and proved that weight is ultimately only a number.

Take a look at the video above to see Adrienne's transformation for yourself... 

Emma Jensen
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