She Was The Heaviest Woman In The World - Until She Lost Over 400 Kilos

She Was The Heaviest Woman In The World - Until She Lost Over 400 Kilos

At her heaviest, American Mayra Rosales weighed a whopping 500kg. But a radical change in her life has helped her shed 80% of that weight... Today, the once-heaviest woman in the world is unrecognizable!

Mayra Rosales is a great example that if you want something enough, then you can do it. The young American suffers from morbid obesity and weighs a whopping 500 kilograms, making her known as the world's fattest woman.

Bedridden for ten years

For ten years she's been tied to her bed, as she wasn't able to move anymore. When doctors told her that she should be seriously worried about her health, she realizes that this is the moment to change and take action. She decided to radically change her life: she got a gastric bypass. A total of eleven operations had to be performed so that she could lose all the excess weight.

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All in all, she's lost 400kg. Today she feels like she lives a second life and enjoys it visibly. She eats healthily, takes care of herself and exercises regularly. Since her radical change, she's also found someone to love. And once again we can see: whoever wants something enough can get it.

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