He hid their wedding photos from his wife for this heartbreaking reason

Leisa and Noel are a happy couple. They recently got married in Dublin, Ireland, but when they received their wedding photos, Noel couldn’t help but hide them.

He hid their wedding photos from his wife for this heartbreaking reason
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Leisa and Noel lead a well-ordered life, yet their weight was often a problem. They were both junk food lovers and were overweight, which made their lives more complicated than those of others.

Addicted to junk food

It's one thing to have an addiction to junk food when you are by yourself, but when your significant other is also a participant in that addiction, it becomes that much harder to control it.

For example, Leisa had a hard time finding a wedding dress and their bed collapsed 4 times under the pressure of their weight, before they decided to sleep on a mattress on the floor. The problem is that the couple made no effort to get healthier until after their wedding.

A blessing in disguise

When Noel got the photos from their wedding back, he felt that he had to hide them from his wife. He pretended that there had been a delay and saved some time before finally showing her.

Leisa was devastated by the photos and proceeded to tear them up. Together, they started a diet and lost about 21 stone in total (14 stone for Noel and 7 stone for Leisa). Thanks to a healthy diet and physical exercise, the couple is now unrecognisable.