After Gaining Weight Whilst Pregnant, This Woman Discovered Something Surprising

Teresa had always been slim and didn’t need to think too much about her weight. Then, when and after she was pregnant, she gained an incredible amount of weight that made her very miserable. Ten years later, she made a surprising discovery that would change her life…

During her first pregnancy, Teresa Venetoulis from Australia gained a lot of weight. She fell pregnant again, but unfortunately the young woman lost her second baby. Afterwards, she tried to fill the void with food and ended up putting on a few pounds. She then fell pregnant again but this time, everything went well.

Teresa must have been happy; she finally had a wonderful husband and two healthy children. But the weight that she put on over these ten years really bothered her. She tried lots of diets, but nothing seemed to help.

The Ketogenic diet

Then she found out about the Keto diet and read up on the subject online. In this diet, instead of carbohydrates, you only eat protein as well as foods that are rich in fat. Among other things, this includes lean meat, fish, nuts, avocados and eggs as well as healthy fats.

Her progress became obvious quickly. In just two months, the mother of two children lost around twelve kilograms.

‘I just kept going with it, and the weight just melted off,’ reported the Australian.

Unbelievable transformation

But she didn’t just change her diet, but also the time of her meals. She ate two meals, one at 11am and one at 2pm and then fasted until the next day. As she reported on Instagram, she found it really difficult at first, but her body quickly adjusted.

She went from weighing over 100 kilos to 56, meaning she almost halved her body weight. She documented her progress on Instagram, where she regularly posts Keto recipes.

If you are interested in how much she has changed and how she looked before her diet versus now, then check out the video above to see her transformation for yourself...

This woman 'got pregnant whilst being pregnant' This woman 'got pregnant whilst being pregnant'