This New Wedding Ring Trend Is Driving The Internet Wild

In the middle of wedding season, the web has seen the emergence of a completely new trend: getting your wedding ring pierced directly onto your ring finger. Check out the photos in the video above...

Are you in the middle of your wedding preparations and struggling to find THE perfect ring to say yes to your other half? Look no further!

A new trend has just emerged: the wedding ring piercing. The concept? Having your finger pierced where you would have worn your wedding ring. It's practical - as this ring remains fixed to your ring finger and you will never risk losing this jewel that is so dear to your heart. Whether it is a simple small diamond implanted under the skin or a larger model with an integrated ring, it is up to you.

Don't worry, in case of divorce, there is a solution. Like any other piercing, it can be easily removed if your union does not end up lasting an entire lifetime.

But beware, this piercing is not without risk. Being placed on your finger, it is often in contact with many things in which it is likely to cling and therefore pull on your skin. An injury can therefore happen quickly. So, if you’re hesitating, we recommend a more conventional option - especially if you have a job that means working with your hands.

Still tempted? Take a look at the video above to see some wedding ring piercing inspiration!

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