Beautiful Wedding Dresses For A Registry Office Marriage

30 Beautiful Wedding Dresses For A Registry Office Wedding
30 Beautiful Wedding Dresses For A Registry Office Wedding

When it comes to a wedding at the registry office, you can wear whatever your heart desires - but it can be tricky to decide on the dress code. In the past, brides particularly tended to go for more understated dresses. But today, having a civil ceremony doesn't mean you can't go for the big white dress of your dreams, if that's what you always wanted.

Whatever style you're going for, we compiled a list of 30 of the most gorgeous and elegant bridal outfits along with our tips to help inspire your perfect outfit for a wonderful registry office ceremony.

Here's what we recommend:

1. Go for fluidity: Whatever the length of your dress, opt for fluid materials such as silk, muslin or cotton for a flattering, flowy effect. This style suits most skin tones, ages and body shapes whilst the look remains timeless.

2. Try lace details: Lace has always been a popular part of wedding dresses and that's not about to change. However, lace detailing is more understated this year with modern designers keeping it to the sleeves or collars. Alternatively, a dress designed prediminantly with lace as the main touch, you can achieve a gorgeous vintage style.

3. Play with transparency: Who says transparency is just for the veil? More and more designers are having fun with the petticoats of short bridal dresses. This allows you to show off your gorgeous legs with a subtly sexy yet classy wedding dress. If you love the backless look, but don't want to bare too much, a soft transparent material across the back of the dress is the perfect touch.

4. Don't be afraid of colour: Whilst a white gown was always the traditional aspect of a bride's attire, it is now more common to step outside the norm when it comes to colour. And with a registry office style ceremony, you can play with individuality even more. Soft beiges, faded pinks and blues make a beautiful alternative to white, all the while remaining sophisticated and fresh.

5. Love your shape: With such a vast variety of choices on the market, you can tailor your choice of outfit for your body type. Opt for a dress that brings out your best features, no matter your shape, so you can feel confident and comfortable in love. Mermaid-style dresses work well with hourglass shapes, whilst petites rock a strapless sweetheart gown.

6. Leave room to accessorise: Don't neglect a bit of sparkle to complete your look, whatever you decide to go for. Small diamonds or soft pearls help to accentuate your overall look. If your small ceremony takes place somewhere with more tropic and sun, a subtle flower crown could be all you need before you say your 'I do'.

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