Wedding Dress Ideas With Beautiful Backs

  • Dresses
  • Spring-like embroidery
  • Buttons and floral lace
  • Backless dress with climbing flowers
  • Thin straps and low bodice

You've probably given more thought to what your wedding dress will look like from the front than from the back. However, whether its sitting in the registry office, greeting your guests or dancing, this side of your dress will be essential. Take a look at our photo gallery for beautiful wedding dress ideas. 

And whatever shape of dress you have chosen, there are so many different types of back you can go for. So whether you have a mermaid, princess, strapless or long sleeved dress, you can afford a dress with a gorgeous back. From embroidery to beads to buttons and lace, from the most bohemian to the most sophisticated styles, the back is more important than ever.

• mclean Mary Jo
Most Beautiful Bohemian-Style Wedding Dresses

Most Beautiful Bohemian-Style Wedding Dresses

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