Woman with most right swipes on Tinder finds love offline

Eliana was among the 15 women in the UK with the most right swipes in 2019.

A journalism student who was ranked as one of the most popular women on Tinder in 2019 has disclosed that she was unsuccessful in finding love on the dating app. She ended up meeting her current boyfriend offline through mutual friends.

Ego Boost

Eliana Silver, from the US, moved to Aberdeen in Scotland for school and thought to get on the app to meet new people. Despite being a favourite among potential matches, she confessed to not matching with so many people as she was picky in swiping right.

I set my Tinder account up in my last year of high school just to see what would happen but I didn't use it much and only went on one date. I wanted to see if I could meet someone and it was a way of meeting people to make friends as well because I was completely new, I'd never been to Scotland before.

She was later shocked to learn that she was in the 30 'swiped right' people on Tinder in the UK and Ireland that year. Once this became public, her profile received over 100,000 right swipes.

Silver, 21, recalled:

At first I thought it was a scam email because I thought there's no way out of all the amazing, beautiful people in the UK that I'm in the top 30 - it was definitely an ego boost.

Love Offline

In spite of her Tinder fame, she admitted to going on only few dates. According to her, most single men on the app were only interested in hook-ups and not the meaningful long-term relationships that she was looking for.

There's two sides of the app - there's the side trying to meet up with people for a quick hook up and then never talk to them again and then there's the other side of people genuinely looking to meet someone, and that side is much smaller.

She has since ditched online dating, saying meeting people in person 'works 100 times better'. Silver has been with her boyfriend whom she met through mutual friends for 11 months now.

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