This Woman Can't Find a Job... She Says It's Because She's Too Beautiful

Can beauty stop you from getting a job? It can, according to Marie Buchan, a British mother who thinks she is "too beautiful" to be employed.

It's no secret that appearance plays a central role in an interview when you want to get a job. Making a good impression on a recruiter by looking put-together can indeed help to put a lot increases your chances of success.

On the other side of the Channel, however, a young woman believes that her beauty is a real obstacle to her career. A mother of eight, Marie Buchan, who lives in Birmingham, thinks that her chances of finding a job are greatly compromised because of her physical appearance.

With a diploma in mechanics, this young woman says that it is impossible to find a job in a garage without fear of being the target of sexist remarks. "When I come in for an interview, they seem to expect a little more from me," says Marie to the Daily Mail. "I am asked if there is anything else that I can do except repair cars, or if I would agree to have a drink ... I can not find a job in this industry because I am too beautiful," she adds.

Disappointed by recruiters' failure to take her seriously, Marie Buchan, formerly a pole dance dancer, thinks it's time for her to resume her old job while she waits for a more honest job offer.

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