They Set Up a Camera to Catch a Thief, but They Weren't Expecting This

Every morning, this little girl's toys were disappearing. Worried, her parents set up a camera to finally get an answer to this question: Who could possibly be stealing their daughter's toys in the middle of the night?

Joann Moser was a seriously worried mother. Every morning, toys would disappear from her eight-year-old daughter's room. They were nowhere to be found, even after scouring the entire house from top to bottom. Worried, Joann and her partner wondered who might be coming in at night to steal toys...

At first, the mother recommended that her daughter close the door, without locking it. The little girl obeyed, but the next morning, her door was open... and she was missing yet another toy!

A very clever little thief

This time, the parents took it to the next level: before going to bed, they placed a camera in front of their daughter's door and let it roll all night long. And in the morning, surprise! The thief's identity was revealed.

We don't want to spoil the ending, this small and very very clever thief used a nail-cutter to quietly open the door... Find out who it is in our video above!

Relieved, the parents can now sleep with both eyes closed. Nevertheless, Joann Moser posted the video of the clever little bandit on Youtube, where itinstantly went viral, collecting more than 14 million views.

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