Teenage influencer with 1.7 million followers has accounts deleted by mum

A mother took matters into her own hands and deleted the social media accounts with more than 1.7 million followers of her influencer daughter.

Brazilian teenage social media influencer, Nina Rios, had amassed an impressive 1.7 million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined before her mother decided to delete her accounts.

A lesson on self-worth

The decision to do so came as her mother, Fernanda Rocha Kanner, believed it was time to teach her daughter a lesson on self-worth. In an interview with Fantastico, Fernanda said:

I don't think it's healthy even for an adult and much less for a teenager to base her self-discovery on online feedback.

And added:

It's hard enough for you to find out who you are at 14 years old. When there are two million you've never seen in your life thinking they know you, it's even more dangerous. It's easier to lose yourself.

Ultimately, the mother believes that social media accounts should not be used so heavily by today's youth. She explains that one's own self-worth is much more valuable then the instant gratification they could be getting from their followers. She also added:

I don't want her advertising flammable polyester clothing made in China. I don't want my brilliant daughter doing her daily dances like a trained baboon. It's a sad generation for which this counts as fame

The daughter's reaction

Although Nina obviously did not take losing all her socials very well at the very beginning, she now says she understands where her mum was coming from. After the first few furious episodes towards her mother, she says she's content being off social media for now and hasn't revealed whether she will try to rebuild her massive following:

I'll choose. At the moment, I don't want to. It's going to be something that's only going to get in my way and it will only make it worse.
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