She Made A Shocking Discovery When She Bought A New Pair Of Shorts

Missy Rogers was casually shopping, like any other day, when she noticed something shocking. The young woman was so outraged, she posted a picture of her discovery on Facebook. And it was liked more than seventy-five thousand times!

Raise your hand if you've never dreaded not being able to fit into your favorite jeans anymore. This is what happened to a young American woman named Missy Rogers. She had just gotten home from shopping at one of her favourite stores, American Eagle Outfitters, when she realized something that immediately shocked her: her brand new, size 10 (UK size 14) jean shorts were the same size as the shorts she bought two years ago, in a size 4 (UK size 8).

A labelling error?

In the photo Missy posted on her Facebook account, you can clearly see the brown, size 10 shorts are the exact same size and width as the black, size 4 shorts. This is proof that the shorts she bought a few hours earlier are identical to the shorts she bought two years ago. So why make young women feel guilty by increasing the size of their clothing, without actually making the clothes bigger?

Missy pointed out the negative impact this could have on women: “They have been convinced that the smaller size you are, the more beautiful you are. This is not the case, and I think it’s important to show that clothing size should not define your beauty."

Take a look at the video above to see the shocking proof that we really can't put our faith in clothing sizes...

She buys a pair of jeans on the internet and makes a shocking discovery She buys a pair of jeans on the internet and makes a shocking discovery