Cruel Boyfriend Pulls Prank On Girlfriend While Driving

Cruel Boyfriend Pulls Prank On Girlfriend While Driving

Who knows how this thought came to this cruel boyfriend's mind as he decided to pull a cruel prank on his girlfriend while driving. The girl, who was relaxing her feet on the dashboard at the time, will surely never sit like this again when traveling by car.

Jokes in a relationship are fine: they can add an element of fun to evenings spent together at home and can often improve communication between the pair. But one thing is joking and another thing is this.

This Brazilian woman was simply relaxing with her feet on the dashboard while her boyfriend was driving the car on a warm afternoon. It's been suggested that the passenger was not wearing her seatbelt since it was a short journey. 

However her boyfriend decided to pull a prank to put an end to the relaxed mood and had clearly been long anticipating this moment as he had managed to plant a camera and place it in such a way that all would be recorded. 

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He decided to pull this prank when she was least expecting it and it is clear that his girlfriend was left unimpressed especially after seeing his uncontrollable laughter following what happened next. What would you do if your partner pranked you like this?

Watch the video to see exactly what happened!

Source: Newsflare

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