American Women Are Smearing Toothpaste On Their Breasts For One Bizarre Reason

Spreading toothpaste on your breasts to make them firmer and larger is a new fad in the US. So is this a miracle method or just fake news?

Massaging the scalp to improve hair growth, putting cucumbers on the eyes to remove dark circles, sucking on a glass to make the lips swell up... There seem to be more and more beauty tricks surfacing on the internet every day. Americans, often ahead of the curve, have come up with a new fad which consists of coating the chest with toothpaste to make the breasts larger and more firm. That's the effect expected on paper at least, but in reality you won’t see many results according to specialists.

A 100% homemade recipe

The idea came from the Youtube user Naturalbeauty556. Since posting her video, the web star has gathered more than 8 million views in 6 months. Her miracle recipe is cucumber, toothpaste, egg white and flour. The young woman recommends applying the mixture each evening before bedtime for a month to increase effectiveness, in theory. Specialists’ opinions on the matter however are that this method is once again just a dumb idea that can be found on the net.

‘It's absurd! None of these ingredients have the ability to increase breast size or make the skin more firm,’ said dermatologist Susan Bard to Teen Vogue magazine. The same goes for Christopher Inglefield, director of a plastic surgery clinic in London.

‘Unfortunately, like a lot of the advice found on the internet, this toothpaste method is misinformation and merely a scam. Your breasts will just smell minty…,’ he quips.

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