A Woman Becomes A Laughingstock On Facebook Because Of Her Engagement Ring
A Woman Becomes A Laughingstock On Facebook Because Of Her Engagement Ring
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A Woman Becomes A Laughingstock On Facebook Because Of Her Engagement Ring

This future wife never imagined that her engagement ring would make her famous, and she really didn’t expect to receive criticism and become a laughingstock on Facebook as a result.

A wedding is always a happy occasion and there are lots of traditions that mean a lot and are important for a couple. One of the most special parts is the proposal when the engagement becomes official. This is when the man gives his beloved a ring to symbolise their union. Traditionally, the man is responsible for buying the ring and thinking of how, when and where he will present it to the woman he wants to marry. This moment is very special and important for couples.

Although times have changed, when it comes to proposing, people generally tend to follow tradition in which the man either buys a ring or something similar for his girlfriend. But in either scenario, they have to know what their girls would want or like and buy a ring accordingly to avoid the situation becoming disastrous.

This future wife’s story, however, went viral, and not because she liked the ring. In fact, disaster struck when she posted a photo of her ring on Facebook. The woman, who we know to be called Stacey, never expected that her ring would turn her into a laughingstock for the whole internet

Stacey asked people what they thought of the ring and this is what she got: ‘classic but boring, ‘a nightmare with jumpers’, ‘you’ll take someone’s eye out with that’, while another user said that it was ‘so tall, it must catch on everything’. On the other hand, some people didn’t just focus on criticising the ring but decided to list the problems that Stacey would end up having in her everyday life instead: ‘Good luck wearing sweaters with that.’

Another woman, who has not been named, also uploaded a picture of her ring, but her luck wasn’t much better. In her case, the ring had belonged to her great-grandmother as she herself explained. She said that she couldn’t find anything wrong with the ring herself, so decided to share it in the group and the responses she got weren’t much better than the one Stacey got. One of the leading responses she got was: ‘If a genital wart became a ring, that would be the ring’, a very unpleasant opinion.

Don’t forget to check out the video above to see the photos of the two rings, then you’ll be able to make up your own mind.

By Lindsay Wilson

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