A little girl mistakenly uses lube as hand sanitiser: 'It felt hot and smooth'

The story of this little girl who mistook her parents’ lubricant gel for hand sanitiser recently went viral on social media. ‘It felt hot and smooth.’

This littler girl called Summer is from Scotland and, like all children, she recently started school in line with all the security measures that the ‘new normal’ now includes. These measures include wearing a face mask and constantly disinfecting your hands with hand sanitiser.

Five-year-old Summer said she liked her hand sanitiser in particular because it wasn’t cold. To her mother’s surprise, there was a rather unpleasant explanation for this. Summer had mistaken her parents’ lube for hand sanitiser and taken it to school with her.

As life is full of little coincidences, the bottle she had taken had ‘Ann Summers’ written on it, which her mother believes is the reason she thought it belonged to her daughter. Her mother, Louise, only found out when she was going through her daughter’s clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

The sanitiser that the girl liked so much was actually vaginal lubricant. Louise couldn’t help but laugh at her daughter’s mistake, but at the same time, she felt mortified when she learned that she had shared it with her classmates.

Summer said she liked it because it felt hot and smooth.

When her mother told her that the bottle was hers, the girl defended herself saying that she was only using it so that she didn’t ‘get the germs.’ She then went on to confess that she had also shared it with her friends who said that it was warm, and a little itchy.

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