This Is What The Cast Of Dallas Look Like Over 40 Years Later

Can you believe it has been more than 40 years since the first episode of Dallas was released? So, it is only natural that the actors have changed a lot since then. Check out how they look today in the gallery below!

This Is What The Cast Of Dallas Look Like Over 40 Years Later
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This Is What The Cast Of Dallas Look Like Over 40 Years Later

The first episode of the TV series Dallas was released on 2nd April 1978. In almost 360 episodes spanning out over 14 seasons, this American soap opera won over multiple generations. Its characters were cult, and everyone knew the theme tune. But what has become of the actors?

Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing, has been doing very well since Dallas ended and bounced back with the successful series Step by Step. More recently, he has also been seen in Welcome to Sweden.

The actor has also been known to branch out in his field of work, and has even produced some episodes from Dallas, Step by Step as well as Major Crimes.

Former actors in the relaunch

Ted Shackelford, who played Gary Ewing has also had a great career since the series came to an end, particularly thanks to his role in the Dallas spinoff, Knots Landing.

The actresses weren’t left behind either. Linda Gray also found work after Dallas ended. She mainly got roles in soap operas and TV series but has also appeared in several films.

Because of the enormous success of Dallas for its time, the producers decided to relaunch it as a TV series with the same name. Several of the actors from the original version took up the roles of their former characters, including Larry Hagman (aka J.R), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing).

Check out what all the actors from Dallas look like today in the gallery below.