Rebecca Gormley moves on to yet another ex-Islander...

Winter Love Islander Rebecca Gormley has been continuing her search for love outside of the villa – and although it seemed that she had something good going with Casa Amor reject Biggs Chris, she’s since been spotted getting cosy with yet another former Islander – this time from the 2019 series…

Newcastle beauty queen Rebecca Gormley wreaked havoc in the villa this January when she tried to muscle in on every man eventual runner-up Siânnise Fudge showed an interest in. After originally coupling up with Connagh (with a G), she moved onto Luke Trotman – although he soon opted to couple up with Siânnise instead, leaving Rebecca coupled up with new boy Wallace (remember him!?).

After entering Casa Amor as a single lady, Rebecca quickly chose to couple up with Jordan Waobikeze, taking him back to the main villa with her. However, the spark quickly fizzled out between them and when they were dumped from the show on Day 30, Rebecca all but ruled out a future romance.

Since leaving the villa though, Rebecca has ‘been spending some time’ with Biggs Chris, despite the fact she gave him the brush-off when they were in Casa Amor together. Rebecca told The Sun two weeks ago, ‘things are going well so far. I am attracted to him and he has me in hysterics plus he is very caring, which I like in a man. So let’s see what the future brings.’

However, it looks like the future is bringing another new love for Rebecca as she was spotted getting cosy with none other than 2019 Islander Michael Griffiths. Whilst Michael was one of the most popular lads at the start of last year’s summer series, he soon lost fans for betraying eventual winner Amber Gill in Casa Amor.

Rebecca seems to have gone home with Michael after a recent night out in London that Biggs went home from early. A source said: ‘Rebecca was really letting loose on the night out and she was being really flirty with Michael. Biggs went home early and when he was out of the door, Michael made a beeline for her. Everyone warned Rebecca off but she wasn’t listening. When the night ended she went to McDonalds with Michael before they were seen getting into an Uber together. No one heard from them after that but Michael was boasting about getting to know Rebecca a lot better the following day.’

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