Photos From The New Series Of The Walking Dead Suggest Shocking New Romance

The ninth season of The Walking Dead, which is due to return to the UK this October on FOX, has a few big surprises in store for us.

What’s happened since the end of season 8 of The Walking Dead and the victory over Negan? The first pictures of episode 1 of the series’ ninth season have been published over the last few days by the American channel AMC, and they’ve taught us a couple of things.

While The Sanctuary is now seemingly a part of the community, Rick and Maggie are taking charge of Alexandria and Hilltop respectively. As for Andrew Lincoln, he will be saying his goodbyes in around the fifth episode according to Angela Kang, the series’ new showrunner.

But what’s most intriguing is the surprising relationship which is seemingly about to develop between Carol and Ezekiel. In one of the photos unveiled by production, we see the mother of the Peletier family tenderly embracing the King. However, this news might not surprise fans, as they might remember that he and Carol spent a lot of time together in the last season.

Nevertheless, after the end of the conflicts, season 9 of Walking Dead should be more calm and therefore more suitable for some emotional developments. We will find out more on the 8th October.

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