Netflix: A Huge Change Ahead For Subscribers

On the 18th of July the streaming giant had a big announcement promising a new interface launching soon that will make its television service more intuitive.

In order to help subscribers reduce the time spent browsing the library to find the programs that interest them, Netflix has decided to launch a new time-saving interface.

A considerable time saver to find what you’re looking for on Netflix

This more intuitive interface has a menu on the right of the screen which allows you to find the series or film you’re looking for more easily. ‘There are so many great programs on our service so our users sometimes need a hand to know where to start, which is why we’re excited to unveil a new interface, available worldwide today, intended to improve the way you watch television,’ the streaming giant said in a statement.

‘Our new interface is based on rigorous research and testing about how to make it easier to search for programs when the lack of buttons on a remote control makes it difficult to navigate, and we have also made it easier to access programs saved in My Lists. During our testing, we discovered that this new interface made it possible to find something to watch even faster,’ continued Netflix.

Although not in place yet, the company nevertheless promises that its new interface will be available in the coming months which will improve the Netflix experience for all members around the world.

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