Montana Brown spills tea on secret Love Island romps

Love Island 2017’s Montana Brown has revealed some seriously juicy secrets from behind the scenes life in the villa.

Love Island may be the UK’s most popular reality show but as we all know, the reality we see on screen is not quite the reality going on behind the scenes. This week, ex-Islander Montana Brown revealed some of the secrets we don’t see as viewers—and it turns out there were a lot more Islanders ‘doing bits’ than we thought...

Love Islanders secretly doing bits

Appearing on Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast, Montana revealed:

People are having sex everywhere—genuinely everywhere—all the time. In the day, in the night, upstairs, downstairs. It is hilarious because you know they can’t really put it on camera. At the start everyone’s so aware of the fact that you are inches away from the next couple in a bed but everyone just gets so comfortable.

Montana’s on-screen romp with fellow Islander Alex Beattie was one of those aired but she says she now regrets it. In some words of warning to prospective 2021 Love Islanders, she said:

In hindsight, having sex on TV wasn’t the best idea. My advice to the new hopefuls is not to do it. If I could have done it differently, I wouldn’t have had sex.

Love Island behind the scenes secrets

Another slightly bizarre filming secret that Montana revealed is that producers hide the time from the Islanders by setting a different time on each phone clock and changing the oven clock each day. Apparently this is ‘so they can keep you up as long as possible’, with recoupling ceremonies often running into the early hours.

If you’re thinking of applying for Love Island 2021 for a relaxing break, you might want to think again as Montana also revealed:

If you’re napping and they want something to happen or something’s going on, this bellowing voice comes out of nowhere. They’ve got speakers in all of the corners. We used to call her the voice of God, she’d tell you when to get up, tell you when to go to sleep, tell you to get out of bed.
Montana Brown Reveals She Has One Big Love Island Regret Montana Brown Reveals She Has One Big Love Island Regret