Molly-Mae Opens Up About Losing Mr Chai In New Video

Love Island 2019 star Molly-Mae Hague has returned to Youtube, opening up to fans about the loss of her puppy Mr Chai in a new video. Whilst the influencer described the last few weeks as ‘horrendous’, she also said she now wants to move on from the incident as she and boyfriend Tommy Fury start a ‘new chapter’.

After ending her social media hiatus last week, Molly-Mae Hague has now returned to Youtube with a new video. In it, the influencer opened up about how the death of her puppy Mr Chai has affected her, telling fans that losing the puppy is ‘still on her mind’ and has been ‘horrendous’.

Chatting as she put on her make-up, she told fans: ‘The last few weeks have really made me reflect on how on Earth people go through things like losing a parent, losing a family member, losing someone close to them like a girlfriend, boyfriend – whatever it is, I do not understand how people go through that kind of stuff.’

An emotional Molly-Mae continued: ‘I’m just extremely lucky in my life that I’ve never lost a family member at this age. I honestly just cry thinking about it because the last two weeks for me have just been horrendous and it was a dog and I had him for five days.’

Molly-Mae also revealed that the new home that she and Tommy Fury have moved into is outside of Manchester city centre, bringing them a much-needed change of pace and privacy. Whilst Molly-Mae says the apartment is her dream home, she also revealed that she and Tommy had been to view a house to buy elsewhere.

Whilst asking her followers for ideas for pranking Tommy, she also let slip that they could be thinking about starting a family soon, ruling out any pregnancy scare pranks as not something to joke about in their relationship as it would be ‘an amazing thing’ for them to have a baby…

Tommy And Molly Mae Reveal Truth Behind Mr Chai’s Death In Tearful Video Statement Tommy And Molly Mae Reveal Truth Behind Mr Chai’s Death In Tearful Video Statement