Molly-Mae and Tommy reveal what keeps them busy during lockdown

Love Island 2019 runners up, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have admitted to having a bit of hard time being stuck inside all day. To keep themselves occupied the two have taken to Youtube to provide some hilarious content.

Molly-Mae and Tommy have beenfollowing the government's orders to stay indoors but the two admit that staying inside all day has proven to be a bit hard for them.

Molly- Mae revealed that after being absent on Instagram for a few days, she shared a story detailing the struggles the couple have experienced since their regular routine can no longer be achieved:

"The last couple of days have been a bit hard on me and Tommy - especially now that all the gyms are shut, all the restaurants are shut... It's crazy. But yeah, I'm thinking of you all."

While there are no gyms, restaurants or visiting friends during this time, the famous couple has taken to Youtube to provide some entertaining content: letting Tommy pick out Molly-Mae's outfits.

She doesn't look too pleased here! Youtube: MollyMae

For the challenge, Tommy had to pick out some outfits for Molly, from Pretty Little Thing. little did he know when you order a tracksuit, you actually have to order the pieces separately:

"It's not my fault. Apparently a tracksuit on a website shows the full picture of a tracksuit, but when you order it, half of it comes. If only half of it comes what's the point of showing the full tracksuit?"

It's safe to say that while Hague may be a style icon, her taste hasn't entirely worn off on her beloved boxer boyfriend. You can watch the video here.

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