Mike Boateng clashes with Sophie Piper in cringeworthy reunion

They may have been very close mates in the villa, but it looks like things have very much cooled off between Mike Boateng and Sophie Piper since they left Love Island. This week, Mike slammed Sophie as they came face-to-face for the first time since she mocked him in a widely-shared TikTok video.

Whilst we didn’t get an official Love Island reunion show this year, many of our favourite Islanders from this year’s villa came face-to-face for the first time during a Capital Xtra interview this week. In attendance were Jess and Eve, Ched, Rebecca, Jordan, Leanne, Nas, Sophie and Mike and Priscilla.

But they weren’t all happy to see each other, as Mike hit back at Sophie and ex Leanne Amaning for a brutal TikTok video they filmed together after leaving the show. The video featured Sophie dubbing Mike’s voice over a video of him and Leanne having one of their many awkward conversations in the villa after Leanne ‘got the ick’.

Although Sophie tried to laugh off the incident, saying it was all ‘banter’, Mike snapped back at the girls, saying: ‘It wasn't actually funny first of all, second of all. I found out through the public like. Someone sent it to me like, "Have you seen this?", and I just saw bare comments, of people ripping into me.’

And Mike wasn’t having any of Sophie’s excuse that she and Leanne had been asked to film it, saying: ‘We went to the same place - and they also asked me to do a similar video and I just said no. So for me, it's one of them ones where you can never be forced to do anything, if you don't want to do something, say "no".’

Meanwhile, Priscilla Anyabu, who has been seeing Mike since they first met in Casa Amor, stood by her man, saying: ‘It was a bit untasteful, I think that's what it is. When you lot say funny, that wasn't really funny.’ Do Mike and Priscilla just need to learn to take a joke, or did Sophie and Leanne take things too far?

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