Lucinda’s famous ex ‘looking after her dog’ while she’s in the villa

According to reports, Lucinda may not be as single as she’s letting on...

Lucinda Strafford has been one of the most popular girls in the villa since she made her bombshell entrance in week 2. She’s so far been coupled up with Brad McLelland and Danny Bibby but last night shared a kiss with Aaron Francis. But a source who spoke to The Sun says she still has a boyfriend on the outside...

Lucinda Strafford’s ‘boyfriend’

It’s no secret that Lucinda was previously in a relationship with professional footballer Aaron Connolly. They reportedly split up back in March after two years together and Aaron is rumoured to have been unfaithful. However, an insider claimed weeks ago that they were rekindling their romance shortly before her villa entrance.

Now, a new report from The Sun quotes an unnamed insider who claims Lucinda and Aaron are still in a relationship. They claim he dropped Lucinda at the airport to fly to Majorca for Love Island and is even looking after her bulldog while she’s away. They said:

Lucinda and Aaron reconciled before she went on Love Island.

The source continued:

It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it. No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home... Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are.

Is Lucinda really single?

Aaron Connolly hasn’t commented on the rumours that he and Lucinda are still together. Meanwhile, ITV told Cosmopolitan:

It would be untrue to suggest Lucinda is anything but single.

Only time will tell, and these rumours should always be taken with a pinch of salt—although if true she wouldn’t be the first Islander to get back with an ex suspiciously quickly after leaving the villa...

Love Island Lucinda’s ex Aaron Connolly posts video of her dog as she returns to UK Love Island Lucinda’s ex Aaron Connolly posts video of her dog as she returns to UK