Love Island's Luke M is the Hero We All Need as He Offers up His Home to NHS Workers for Free

Love Island's Luke Mabbott has shared an important message on social media, offering up his home to struggling NHS workers free of charge. An offer that sets a precedent for all stars who have abandoned their homes in favour of the countryside.

Luke M hasn't left to go to a lavish countryside holiday home but instead has chosen to stay with his brother's family instead, leaving his house completely unoccupied.

Many NHS workers are putting in the hard hoursand many are even finding themselves transferred to other cities, some struggling to find accommodation. And Luke M, the knight in shining armour that he is has nobly offered workers in need a place to stay at no charge.

The Justin Beiber look alike took to Instagram to make the big announcement:

Hello guys, so this is just a quick message, hope everyone is good and staying safe. Basically I'm currently isolating at my brother's house with his girlfriend and my nephew. My house, there's no one living there, if you work for the NHS as a nurse, doctor or whatever, hit me up. We can sort something out if you're struggling for a place to stay.'
Luke M made the announcement over Instagram Instagram/ Luke Mabbott

The Love Island star even stated that he would cover all the costs as to not place more stress on those who already have their plate full. 'I will pay for everything - water, gas, rent - you won't have to worry about that. It's a place for you to stay if you don't want to give your families coronavirus or basically just a place for you to chill out. Give me a shout and we can sort something out!'

This offer surely serves as an example that all stars should follow as many have vacated their homes in favour of holiday houses during the lockdown.

Demi and Luke M have decided to isolate separately, each of them staying with their respective families but that doesn't mean that things are on the rocks for the couple. Luke M has debunked suspicions that he and Demi have split stating that although they aren't an official couple, they are still testing the waters.

We do Facetime, Snapchat and talk so we are going good. We are just seeing each other at the minute, we are just seeing how things are going. We haven’t had the full test on the outside world yet because of this lockdown, so we are just going to see how things go.
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