Love Island host Caroline Flack will be laid to rest today

Caroline Flack, Love Islands long time host and UK star will be laid to rest today in a private ceremony with her close friends and family.

Love Island host Caroline Flack will be laid to rest today
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The funeral will have no media present after the sensitive situation of her passing. The ceremony will instead be a private affair with close friends and family. It is unclear if any of the Love Island cast will be attending but Lewis Burton, Flack's boyfriend, will be in attendance.

There was speculation that the two had broken up following Flack's arrest but a Valentines Day post from Burton clearly showed otherwise. There has also been acall for an investigation into the police handling of her case. The Independent Office for Police Conduct suspects there may be a 'causal link' between police contact with Flack and her passing.

The host was well-loved by all who knew her, including Laura Whitmore, who recently opened up about her grief in Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time podcast,claiming that when she first came across the news she couldn't believe it. Whitmore stated that with all the news on social media, especially around Flack at the time it was hard to tell what was fake and what was real so it was best to ignore it:

"We live in a world where we find out our news through social media and we don't know what's right, what's wrong, fake news and it wasn't the way that you'd think you'd find out a friend had passed away so I just got home as quick as I could."

The star admitted that when she found about about Caroline's death she first thought of her boyfriend Iain Stirling, Love Island's voice over artist and Caroline's close friend:

"And that's when I came in and my friend said it was true. Then there's the thing of....because I wasn't with Iain, I just wanted to ring him because I wanted....I knew that he was out, it was his day off and he was out with a few people in the pub having a few drinks and I just wanted him to get to a safe space..."
Caroline Flack and Laura Whitmore had been friends for years Getty Images

After taking over the Love Island role from Caroline, the 34-year-old admits that there are times where she feels guilty in moments of happiness:

"It's a weird one. I don't really know how I am. It changes and then sometimes I'll be watching TV and I'll laugh at something and you feel guilty for laughing and then you'll forget and then you'll remember, so kind of all over the place but I suppose there's no right way or wrong to feel.
The two attended many events together Getty Images

Laura Whitmore encourages people to speak out about grief, especially in such trying circumstances. It is important to talk about these things in order to work through them and to know that whatever the situation, you are not alone.

If you need to talk at any time the Samaritans operate a free 24/7 helpline on 116 123.

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