Jess And Ched Are Now ‘Not In A Relationship’

Ched Uzor has confirmed that he and Jess Gale, who he met in the Winter Love Island villa this February, are ‘not in a relationship’, after the coronavirus lockdown has played havoc with their blossoming relationship. However, he says that the couple have been talking every day.

It’s not exactly a great time for romance right now. With the introduction of lockdown, many couples have had to make a big decision: move in together much earlier than they usually would have done, or face months apart. Whilst Winter Love Island winners Paige and Finn and runners-up Siânnise and Luke chose the former, many of the other couples who met in the villa have been isolating apart.

Whilst they were practically inseparable in the weeks after leaving the villa, Ched Uzor and Jess Gale have been spending lockdown apart, as Jess is with twin sister Eve and Ched is with his family in Suffolk – and Ched says that the unprecedented circumstances have made it difficult for them to build their relationship.

He told Johnny Seifert’s Secure The Insecure podcast:

We voice note everyday. It’s just harder. Obviously when you haven’t seen somebody you feel like you are not as close… we just talk everyday about random topics. I wouldn’t say we really have romantic conversations. I like Jess. I would say we are just talking and seeing each other and seeing how things go. We are not in a relationship though.

Whilst it’s not sounding good for the pair, who finished fourth on Winter Love Island, Ched didn’t rule out the possibility of a future romance with Jess, saying :

We will see how things go. If it works out it works out. But at the moment we are not doing everything you want to be doing to build into a relationship.

Ched’s words are somewhat at odds with what Jess has had to say about their relationship though – as she recently insisted that they were ‘still together’ in an Instagram Q&A session with fans. Let’s just hope that this latest interview wasn’t Ched’s way of ‘letting her down gently’…

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