James Cracknell Fears That Strictly Come Dancing Will Induce An Epileptic Fit

James Cracknell fears that the long hours tied to preparing dance routines for Strictly Come Dancing will prompt an epileptic fit.

The rowing champion and two-time gold Olympic medalist had to inform his Russian dance partner that the lengthy ten-hour training sessions may trigger a seizure.

In 2010, the Olympic champion was riding his bike in Arizona, USA when a truck crashed into him. Cracknell, as a result, fractured his skull. He also suffered from a serious brain bruise as well.

At the time, Cracknell was filming a TV show, “Cracknell’s Race Across America.” He was going to row, run, and bike across the expansive country in 18 days. But his injury didn’t hold him back!

Six short months later, the ambitious athlete competed in the Yukon Arctic Ultra. He came in second place! However, his head injury has put him at risk of undergoing an epileptic fit.

Cracknell may able to run, row, and cycle with ease, but the athlete may need some extra training when it comes to dancing. He and his partner, Luba Mushtuk finished dead last in the premiere of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing.

One viewer wrote, “James Cracknell had a massively serious head injury a few years ago. So I’m trying to cut him some slack . . . But. Erm . . . that was awful. As wooden as his oars.”

Cracknell’s head injury likely had something to do with his stiff performance! Tune into our video to find out what he has to say about the long training days and how his fear of epilepsy may hold him back.

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