Coronavirus: German Big Brother contestants still don't know how bad coronavirus has gotten

The contestants of the German Big Brother reality TV show have been locked in a villa for 5 weeks, and they don't know about the coronavirus.

Unbelievable but true. While the whole world has been affected by the spread of the coronavirus, a small group of Germans don't know about the pandemic. The reason? They're all contestants for a reality show called Big Brother.

For them, this adventure began on February 6th. Since then, they have been cut off from the world for more than five weeks, locked in a villa, and have never heard of the coronavirus and are not aware that it is now a pandemic.

Before they entered the game, and therefore locked themselves up and cut themselves off from the world, only one case of Covid-19 had been found in Bavaria. All contestants had been tested before the start of the adventure, and all tested negative for the coronavirus.

However, Big Brother's production officially indicated that it would inform the contestants of the reality show if one of their relatives was infected with the coronavirus. A press release also stated that 'The information that is given to outside residents is also decided along with the relatives.'

French TV celebrity Nabilla was forced to leave the new Love Island France show:

A Love Island candidate said that filming had been suspended. This was confirmed by Nabilla's tweet:

'We're going back to Dubai 😔I'll explain everything later 🙏 '

For more information, check out the video above.

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