Visit The Best Cities In Europe For Less Than £450

Travelling is becoming more and more accessible nowadays.The constant fall in prices is providing us with a bigger incentive to go out and explore new countries. Now, for less than £450, you can take a tour of Europe that you will remember all your life.

How To Visit The Best Cities In Europe

The development of bus routes across all major European cities is making travelling extremely affordable with record breaking prices. With free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, taking a bus journey doesn't seem so bad nowadays.

Step 1: London-Brussels

Leave Victoria Coach Station, and admire the British countryside as you head for the channel tunnel. When you come out the other side, you’ll pass through the Belgian cities of Bruges and Ghent, before arriving in the capital. Once you’re there, sample some of the best beers, chocolate and waffles in the world.

Minimum price: £14-£26

Journey time: 6 hours 25 minutes

Step 2: Brussels-Luxembourg City

Stock up on Belgian chocolate and take the bus from the capital. It will take you through the beautiful German forests and will allow you to take a little break in the German city of Bonn, before heading for Luxembourg. Luxembourg City, unlike other European capitals, is not flooded with tourists which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the city’s charm.

Minimum price: £26

Journey time: 8 hours 40 minutes

Step 3: Luxembourg City-Amsterdam

After that it’s time to leave Luxembourg and head for The Netherlands. After arriving in one of the most popular European cities, you’ll be able to enjoy the romantic canals, art galleries and many other fun filled activities.

Minimum price: £18-£26

Journey time: 6 hours 40 minutes

Step 4: Amsterdam–Copenhagen

This journey is a little longer and is better to take at night. After a good night’s sleep, you will be in one of the most pleasant cities that you will ever see. A big city and a lively atmosphere, Copenhagen is home to one of the most charismatic amusement parks in Europe, Tivoli.

Minimum price: £35

Journey Time: 12 hours

Step 5: Copenhagen-Berlin

You can get to Berlin on a ferry across the Baltic Sea or alternatively, by passing through and stopping in Hamburg for a few hours. There are many night buses available to get to the mysterious and extraordinary German capital. The architecture of East Berlin recalls the communist era of the city; underground culture and nightlife are an essential part of its culture. This is a dream city for all travellers.

Minimum price: £14-£26

Journey time: 7 hours 55 minutes

Step 6: Berlin-Warsaw

The next step is Poland. A very affordable country that fails to attract enough tourists, despite its many assets. The city’s history is something that cannot be ignored, while its city centre is remarkable.

Minimum price: £14

Journey Time: 8 hours 34 minutes

Step 7: Warsaw-Prague

The road is long, but it’s worth it. Prague is a gem that simply can’t be missed. With breathtaking architecture, such as Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, this city is one of the most romantic. The nightlife is like paradise for those who love to drink without it costing a fortune.

Minimum price: £26

Journey time: 9 hours 19 minutes

Step 8: Prague-Vienna

You must now leave this incredible city... to go to another. Vienna, the beautiful, fashionable , cosmopolitan city that’s swimming in classical music. Its history tells a story of one of the most powerful world empires.

Minimum price: £14

Journey time: 3 hours 55 minutes

Step 9: Vienna-Bratislava

The two cities are so close that locals have a choice of flying from either airport when travelling. The city of Bratislava is much smaller but is incredibly charming. Simply walking around the streets is a real pleasure.

Minimum price: £4

Journey time: 49 minutes

Step 10: Bratislava-Budapest

Leave Bratislava in the morning so you can take full advantage of the Hungarian capital the rest of the day. Head to Mount Gellért for a breathtaking view and admire the city’s true beauty. A short 30 minute walk will give you memories for the rest of your life.

Minimum price: £8-£22

Journey time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Step 11: Budapest-Zagreb

Zagreb is a city often ignored by tourists who would rather head straight for the beach. However, with the cobbled streets, cathedrals and architecture, the city certainly is not lacking in charm. Wine bars, jazz clubs, art galleries, you will have no excuse for not enjoying this magnificent city.

Minimum price: £14-£18

Journey time: 5 hours

Step 12: Zagreb-Rome

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is a long journey; the longest of the whole expedition in fact. However, it’s worth having your legs crushed for 20 hours as you pass through the Slovenian countryside and stop off in Milan for a couple of hours. The arrival in Rome will make you forget all about the mammoth bus journey you have just taken. With its squares, fountains and its historical significance, this city is incredible.

Minimum price: £45

Journey time: 20 hours 15 minutes

Step 13: Rome–Bern

Another long one. So if at any point during the trip you wanted to take a flight, it’s possible. However taking the bus does have its advantages. Making a stop in Munich, you’ll feel like you’re in a Disney movie. Further to its breathtaking appearance, there is a large number of exciting museums.

Minimum price: £45

Journey time: 19 hours 25 minutes

Step 14: Bern-Paris

Rich in culture and incredible, historical architecture, visiting the French capital is a real dream. The city can sometimes be a little crowded with tourists but each district is full of hidden charms, trendy bars and peculiar places.

Minimum price: £31

Journey time: 13 hours 45 minutes

Step 15: Paris–London

The journey will come full circle and finishing the journey in our amazing capital is the perfect end to the trip. Take in all of London’s hidden gems and incredible restaurants before making the journey back home.

Minimum price: £22

Journey time: 7 hours 30 minutes

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