This Stunning Hotel-Restaurant Carved Into A Cliff Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

A place that will take your breath away.

Our beautiful planet is full of amazing and wonderful places to discover. Rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, mountains, beaches... the list is long and to discover all of them would take a crazy long time! So, we decided to give you a little help by introducing some of them so that you can make your choice more easily.

Today, we'll be talking about a sublime cave in Italy - not a simple cave, like the Marieta Islands in Mexico, where an open-air cave hides a beach, which is also full of surprises.

An exceptional place:

The Grotta Palazzese combines both a restaurant and a hotel. Located in Puglia, in the south of Italy, this magnificent place dominates the Adriatic. The town of Polignano a Mare located 30 kilometers from Bari is entirely built on this cliff where there are many karst caves.

The place was carved in the limestone rock of the cliff in the small village of Polignano a Mare. The restaurant is set in a vaulted cave, perched 24 meters high, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

If you want to go for a little trip, the meal in the restaurant will cost you between 100 and 150 Euros per person. For those who wish to spend a night, count on spending between 90 and 180 Euros per night. With the guarantee of an evening with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic. It makes you dream of going there, right?

This Stunning Restaurant Has A Ceiling Like No Other This Stunning Restaurant Has A Ceiling Like No Other