The Huge Hailstorm That Turned Rome Into The Antarctic Ocean

The Huge Hailstorm That Turned Rome Into The Antarctic Ocean

The weather in Rome this past weekend truly looked like a nightmare. Up to 40 cm of hail fell, turning the Italian capital into the Antarctic ocean.

The elements really took it out on Rome on Sunday 21st October. A hailstorm battered the Italian capital, filling some areas up to 40cm high, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra.

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What was even more surprising was that the hail formed huge iceberg-like-slabs, that completely blocked in vehicles and traffic came to a standstill, turning the roads of the eternal city into the Antarctic ocean. Videos taken by some Romans are quite impressive and show huge slabs of ice floating around on water reaching several centimeters off the ground in the city.

Help came quickly, and firefighters had to get involved more than 100 times to help locals who had fallen victim to this extraordinary storm. Multiple metro stations have had to close due to the strength of the storm of which, according to the Italian press, there are luckily no casualties.

Anna Wilkins
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