People everywhere are quitting their jobs to live in a van and they don't regret it one bit

More and more people are quitting the rat race to pursue this more adventurous and exciting lifestyle.

More and more people are giving up the rat race to live in avan. Now, it may seem a little unorthodox and even a little cramped, but those who are trying this new way of living do not regret it one single bit.

A sense of freedom

Van lifeallows people to travel the country freely. Who wouldn't love to wake up to a new beautiful landscape or a new adventure every morning?

Also, living in a van allows people to practise minimalism. Vans are small so it is no shock that you can't take everything with you. Van life gives you the opportunity to decide what items are really important and what can be left behind.

And if all that seems a little too much, you can live your life and just take your van out for a weekend adventure to the beach or even to a nice camping spot.

A future allowing more people to practice this lifestyle

Perhaps when we have moved passed this current sanitary crisis, we will be able to put into practice this way of living. And now, with the rise of working from home it is that much more feasible to take on this new project. Just make sure you have good wifi!

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