#Nannylife: The Unbelievable Lives Of Nannies To The Super Rich Across The Globe

Looking after children, OK. But looking after children on board a yacht, undoubtedly better.


Following the ‘rich kids of Instagram’, that is to say young teenagers all over the world who post images of free- flowing champagne, gold watches and private jets online, a new group is forming to offer us frustrating insights into the ‘high life’. But this time, the group consists of people who are essentially completely ‘normal’, yet who are still able to enjoy certain privileges in their everyday lives.

Because in actual fact, the luxury of living in a huge house (or houses) and going on amazing holidays is not limited to the rich. People who are employed in rich households also have a right to experiencing a taste of such extravagant lifestyles. This is the case with nannies to the super rich, for whom travelling in first class and meeting celebrities is just a part of normal life.

The queen of nannies

Philippa Christian is a sort of ambassador for nannies who work for the super rich. Nicknamed ‘Nanny to the stars’, the Australian has worked for high-profile clients and is the author of Nanny Confidential, a book which offers a peak behind the scenes of the profession. In addition to the envy-inducing photos which she posts on Instagram, Philippa Christian regularly reveals secrets to the press, some of which reveal how the job is not quite the same stuff that dreams are made of…

For example, whilst appearing in a 2015 talk show on Australian channel KIIS FM, she described how employers could be ‘very difficult’. She revealed how ‘you are not allowed to have a boyfriend or even male friends. Or you have a curfew of 10pm.'

But one could argue that such inconveniences are made up for by the lucrative salary. ‘I was only twenty-seven and I was earning up to 0,000 a year without having to pay any living expenses’, relayed Christian to the Herald Sun in 2014.

‘I was living in luxury, spending holidays in the world’s best hotels and had a wardrobe which was worth a fortune. In addition to my generous salary, I was given tips in the form of expensive jewellery, vouchers for plastic surgery, a BMW convertible, and even a pony that I was permitted to keep in the family stables.'

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